Language Editor

De Gruyter Open is currently seeking Language Editors for journal Open Chemistry (formerly Central European Journal of Chemistry) and for the Emerging Science Journal program in Chemistry.


  • specialist in Chemistry
  • PhD student or researcher who recently earned their PhDs and continue to work in science
  • with English as mother tongue
  • and constant/easy access to Internet

Editorial experience is not required.


The task of our language editors is to perform linguistic corrections on up to eight manuscripts per year. Specifically, we would expect you to:

  • correct inadvertent errors, mistakes in grammar, spelling, word order and punctuation
  • improve the style of written English, polish the fluency, and provide internal language consistency throughout the entire paper
  • clarify where there is room for misinterpretation

Language Editors work part-time and are not paid.


  • work in a dynamic team and exciting publishing project
  • the opportunity to acquire experience in modern and professional scientific publishing
  • the opportunity to establish connections with the most recognized experts in the field
  • your name added to the list of Editors on our website
  • references and recommendation letters


Candidates interested in the position are requested to send their cover letter and CV to

with the subject line “Language Editor” plus their field of expertise/ sub-discipline, for example:

  1. For Open Chemistry: “Language Editor/Open Chemistry”.
  2. For Emerging Science Journal program: “Language Editor/name of subdiscipline”.