Call for Papers

Open Linguistics invites new authors to submit their works.

The journal covers many linguistic fields (e.g. all levels of linguistic analysis, sociolinguistics, psycholinguistics, discourse analysis, first and second language acquisition, language policy and planning, computational linguistics, historical linguistics, and anthropological linguistics). Professor Sabine Ehrhart is the Editor-in-Chief of Open Linguistics.

Open Linguistics is included in ERIH PLUS and indexed by Thompson Reuters Emerging Sources Citation Index.

Open Linguistics is an open access, electronic only publication platform employing the world’s top publishing technologies.

We solicit excellent research and review articles, as well as squibs and position papers to be published in the journal. The manuscripts submitted in response to this invitation will be processed with the highest priority and all accepted papers will be immediately made available on-line.

Recently published:
The Place of Universal Grammar in the Study of Language and Mind: A Response to Dabrowska (2015)
by Oliver Boxell.

From narrating the self to posting self(ies): A small stories approach to selfies
by Alexandra Georgakopoulou.

Reporting from the Field: The Narrative Reconstruction of Experience in Pick Up Artist Online Communities
by Daria Dayter and Sofia Rüdiger.

LatMor: A Latin Finite-State Morphology Encoding Vowel Quantity
by Uwe Springmann, Helmut Schmid, and Dietmar Najock.

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