Ann-Sofie Axelsson

Docent, Associate Professor, Dean
Faculty of Librarianship, Information, Education and IT and Swedish School of Library and Information Science (SSLIS)
Editorial Advisory Board of Open Information Science

Fields of interest:

Digital technologies and their effects on people, organizations, and society. eScience, multi-user online environments, social media and consumption. Intergrity, equality & sustainability.

Recent publications:

Broberg, O., Axelsson, AS., and Sjöblom, G. (2013). Entrepreneurial exploitation of creative destruction and the ambiguity of knowledge in the emerging field of digital advertising. In Maureen McKelvey and Astrid Heidemann Lassen. (Eds.) (2012). How Entrepreneurs Do What They Do: Case Studies of Knowledge Intensive Entrepreneurship. Edward Elgar Publishing.

Annafari, T. M., Axelsson, AS., and Bohlin E. (2013). A Socio-economic Exploration of Mobile Phone Service Have-nots in Sweden. New Media & Society. Published online before print 22 May, pp. 1–19. Available at

Reisdorf, B., Axelsson, AS. and Maurin Söderholm, H. (2012). Living Offline – A Qualitative Study of Internet Non-Use in Great Britain and Sweden. Selected Papers of Internet Research, available at: Paper presented at the 13th Annual International and Interdisciplinary Conference of the Association of Internet Researchers (AoIR), October 18-21, 2012, Salford, UK.

Axelsson, A., Sonnenwald, D.H. and Spante, M. (2009). Needs and challenges with respect to establishing a collaboratory within Library and Information Science: Practitioners’ perspectives. In M. Huotari and A. Lehto (Eds.), Change Challenges Leadership: Library in the Academic Community, Tampere, Finland, Tampere University Press.

Axelsson, AS. (2002). The Digital Divide – Status Differences in Virtual Environments. In R. Schroeder (ed.) The Social Life of Avatars, London: Springer, pp. 188-204.