Antonio Lopolito

Assistant Professor
University of Foggia

Fields of interest:

Rural Development, Social Capital, Collective Behaviour, Agent-Based Modeling

Recent publications:

Morone P., A. Lopolito, D. Anguilano, E. Sica, V. E. Tartiu, 2015. Unpacking landscape pressures on socio-technical regimes: Insights on the urban waste management system Environmental Innovation and Societal Transitions, in press. DOI:

Lopolito A., M. Prosperi, R. Sisto, E. De Meo, 2015. Translating local stakeholders’ perception in rural development strategies under uncertainty conditions: An application to the case of the bio-based economy in the area of Foggia (South Italy), Journal of Rural Studies, 37, 61 74.                                                                                    DOI:

De Meo, E., Lopolito, A.,  Prosperi, M. , Giannoccaro, G., Ciccone, R.A., 2014. How to promote community social acceptance of solid biomass in Europe? Idendifying firms’ best practice. Economics Bulletin 34 (4), pp. 2080-2092, ISSN: 15452921

Lopolito, A., Morone, P., Taylor, R. 2013. Emerging innovation niches: An agent based model. Research Policy, 42 (6-7), pp. 1225-1238, ISSN: 00487333, DOI: 10.1016/j.respol.2013.03.002

Lopolito A., G. Nardone, M. Prosperi, R. Sisto, A. Stasi, 2011. Modeling the bio-refinery industry in rural areas: A participatory approach for policy options comparison. Ecological Economics 72, 18-27.

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