Aron Weller

Department of Psychology and the Gonda Brain Research Center Bar Ilan University
Bar Ilan University

Fields of interest:

Major research theme is epigenetic: searching for neurochemical mechanisms at sensitive developmental periods that may “program” and underlie the risk for unhealthy development. Current research examines, separately: a) emotion regulation, using animal models of depression and anxiety, and b) intake and body-weight regulation, using animal models of binge eating, overeating and obesity. Recent focus: Epigenetic mechanisms of trans-generational obesity and “resistance” versus “susceptibility” to obesity.

Recent publications:

Bekker, L., Barnea, R., Brauner, A., & Weller, A. (2014). Adolescent rats are more prone to binge eating behavior: A study of age and obesity as risk factors. Behavioural Brain Research, 270, 108-111.

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Barnea, R., Bekker, L., Zifman, N., Marco, A., Yadid, G. & Weller, A. (2015). Trait and state binge eating predispose towards cocaine craving. Addiction Biology, Jan 2017, 22, 163-171. doi: 10.1111/adb.12315. Epub 2015 Sep 30. Version of Record online: 30 SEP 2015.

Zalsman, G, Gutman, A, Shbiro, L., Rosenan, R., Mann, J.J., & Weller, A. (2015). Genetic vulnerability, timing of short-term stress and mood regulation: A rodent diffusion tensor imaging study.  European Neuropsychopharmacology, 25, 2075-2085.

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