Biswanath Dari

Postdoctoral Research Associate
Soil and Water Science Department
University of Florida
E-mail: biswanathadrai 'at'

Fields of interest:

Agriculture (in general), Enviromental soil chemistry, climate change

Recent publications:

Dari B, Nair VD, Colee, J, Harris WG, Mylavarapu R (2015) Estimation of phosphorus isotherm parameters: a simple and cost-effective procedure. Frontiers in Environmental Sciences, 3, 70.

Sihi D, Sharma D K, Pathak H, Singh Y V, Sharma O P, Chaudhary L, and Dari B. 2011. Evaluation of yield, quality and pest management strategies in certified organic and conventional system of basmati rice (Oryza sativa) cultivation. Oryza-An International Journal of Rice, pp 24-29.