Bob Wadholm

Assistant Professor
Trinity Bible College & Graduate School
Language Editor

Fields of interest

Open Knowledge, Philosophy, Analytics, Hermeneutics.

Recent publications

Wadholm, R. (2016). The open extension of Pentecostal education and the interactive Web. The Pentecostal Educator, 3(1), 29-37.

Xing, X., Wadholm, R., Petakovic, E., & Goggins, S. (2015). Group learning assessment in CSCL: Developing a theory-informed analytics. Educational Technology & Society, 18(2), 110-128.

Xing, W., Wadholm, R., & Goggins, S. (2014, March). Learning analytics in CSCL with a focus on assessment: An exploratory study of theory-informed cluster analysis. Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Learning Analytics and Knowledge (pp. 59-67). Indianapolis, IN: ACM.