Chaoqun Ni

Assistant Professor
School of Library and Information Science
Simmons College
Section Editor of Open Information Science
Page: http://

Fields of interest:

Scholarly communication, science studies, science policy, data analytics.

Recent publications:

Jiang, J., Ni, C. (2016). What Affects Word Changes in Query Reformulation During a Task-based Search Session? In the Proceedings of 2016 ACM SIGIR Conference on Human Information Interaction and Retrieval (CHIIR), Chapel Hill, North Carolina, United States.

Ni, C., Jiang, J. (2016) Visualizing Computer Science Communities Using Conference Hashtags. In the Proceedings of the 2016 iConference, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. (short paper).

Sugimoto, C.R., Ni, C., West, J.D., Larivière, V. (2015). The Academic Advantage: Gender Disparities in Patenting. PLOS One. 10(5):E0128000 · MAY 2015.

Sugimoto, C.R., Ni, C., Larivière, V. (2015). On the relationship between gender disparities in scholarly communication and country-level development indicators. Science and Public Policy. doi: 10.1093/scipol/scv007.

Paul-Hus, A., Bouvier, R.L., Ni, C., Sugimoto, C.R., Pislyakov, V., & Larivière, V. (2014). Forty years of gender disparities in Russian science: a historical bibliometric analysis. Scientometrics.

Bowman, T.D., Tsou, A., Ni, C., & Sugimoto, C.R. (2014). Post-interdisciplinary frames of reference: Exploring permeability and perceptions of disciplinarity in the social sciences. Scientometrics.

Sugimoto, C.R., Ni, C., West, J.D., & Lariviere, V. (2014). Innovative women: an analysis of global gender disparities in patenting. In the Proceedings of the 2014 Science and Technology Indicator (STI) Conference, Leiden, Netherlands.