Chen Ran

Research Fellow
Department of Cell Biology
Harvard Medical School

Fields of interest:


Recent publications:

  1. Ren, J., Friedmann, D., Xiong, J., Liu, C., DeLoach, K.E., Neve, R.L., Ran, C., Pu, A., Horowitz, H., Luo, L. Functional dissection of the dorsal raphe serotonin systems. Manuscript in preparation for Cell.
  2. Ran, C., Kalamani, G.N.A., Chen, X. A spinal circuit for thermal modality-specific sensitization in inflammatory pain. Manuscript under review in Cell Reports.
  3. Zhu, J., Palliyil, S., Ran, C., Kumar, J.P. DrosophilaPax6 promotes development of the entire eye-antennal disc thereby ensuring proper adult head formation. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. 114, 5846-5853 (2017).
  4. Ran, C. Neural coding of temperature in the spinal cord. Temperature, 4, 1-3 (2017).
  5. Ran, C., Hoon, M.A., Chen, X. The coding of cutaneous temperature in the spinal cord. Nature Neuroscience, 19, 1201–1209 (2016).
  6. Lammel, S.*, Lim, B.K.*, Ran, C., Huang, K.W., Betley, M.J., Tye, K.M., Deisseroth, K., Malenka, R.C. Input-specific control of reward and aversion in the ventral tegmental area. Nature, 491, 212–217 (2012) (*Equal contributions).
  7. Abumaria, N., Yin, B., Zhang, L., Li, X., Chen, T., Descalzi, G., Zhao, L., Ahn, M., Luo, L., Ran, C., Zhuo, M., Liu, G. Effects of elevation of brain magnesium on fear conditioning, fear extinction and synaptic plasticity in the infralimbic prefrontal cortex and lateral amygdala. The Journal of Neuroscience, 31, 14871-14881 (2011).