Chiara Barbati

APART (Austrian Programme for Advanced Research and Technology) Fellowship
Institute of Iranian Studies
Austrian Academy of Sciences

Fields of interest:

Cultural Translation Studies, Historical Sociolinguistics, Manuscript Studies, Eastern Christianity

Recent publications:

Ch. Barbati
La documentation sogdienne chrétienne et le monastère de Bulayïq
In: P.G. Borbone & P. Marsone (éds.) Le christianisme syriaque en Asie centrale et en Chine, Études syriaques, 12, Paris, pp. 89-120, 2015.

Ch. Barbati
Syriac into Middle Iranian. A Translation Studies Approach to Sogdian and Pahlavi Manuscripts within the Church of the East
In: A. Keidan (ed.) Translation Techniques in the Asiatic Cultures, Open Linguistics, 2015(1), De Gruyter Open, pp. 444-457, 2015.

Ch. Barbati
The Emergence of the Allographic Phenomenon within the Christian Sogdian Tradition
in J. den Heijer, A.B. Schmidt and T. Pataridze (eds.), Scripts beyond Borders. A Survey of Allographic Traditions in the Euro-Mediterranean World, in Publications de l’Institut Orientaliste de Louvain, Vol. 62, Louvain-la Neuve, pp. 257-278, 2014.

Ch. Barbati
Notes on Christian Sogdian terminology with special references to the Sogdian gospel lectionary C 5
In: The Christians in the East, Conference held in Rome, March 13-14. 09, in Nāme-ye-Irān-e Bāstān, International Journal of Ancient Iranian Studies, 11-12, pp. 105-120, 2014.