Chongming Wang

School of Engineering
Coventry University

Fields of interest:

GDI, downsizing, biofuel, PM, spray, injector deposit


Recent publications:

Wang CM, Zeraati-Rezaei S, Xiang L, Xu H. Ethanol blends in spark ignition engines: RON, octane-added value, cooling effect, compression ratio, and potential engine efficiency gain. Applied Energy. 2017;191:603-19.

Wang CM, Chahal J, Janssen A, Cracknell R, Xu H. Investigation of gasoline containing GTL naphtha in a spark ignition engine at full load conditions. Fuel. 2017;194:436-47.

Wang CM, Janssen A, Prakash A, Cracknell R, Xu H. Splash blended ethanol in a spark ignition engine –Effect of RON, octane sensitivity and charge cooling. Fuel. 2017;196:21-31.

Prakash, A., Wang, C., Janssen, A., Aradi, A. et al., “Impact of fuel sensitivity (RON-MON) on engine efficiency,” SAE Int. J. Fuels Lubr. 10(1):2017, doi:10.4271/2017-01-0799.

Bao X, Jiang Y, Xu H, Wang C, Lattimore T, Tang L. Laminar flame characteristics of cyclopentanone at elevated temperatures. Applied Energy. 2017;195:671-80.

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