Christos Papatheodorou

Dept. of Archives, Library Science and Museology
Ionian University, Corfu, Greece

Fields of interest:

Metadata interoperability, Evaluation of Digital Libraries and Information Services, Digital Curation & Preservation, Personalization

Recent publications:

S. Zapounidou, M. Sfakakis, C. “Representing and integrating bibliographic information into the Semantic Web: A comparison of four conceptual models”, Journal of Information Science, DOI: 0.1177/0165551516650410, 2016.

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G. Tsakonas, A. Mitrelis, L. Papachristopoulos, C.Papatheodorou, “An exploration of the digital library evaluation literature based on an ontological representation”, Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology (JASIST), Vol. 64(9), pp. 1914-1926, 2013.

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