Dan Klyn

Adjunct Faculty, President
School of Information
University of Michigan, Information Architecture Institute
Language Editor
E-mail: dan@understandinggroup.com

Fields of interest

Information architecture, placemaking in blended spaces

Recent publications

A Comparison in Pursuit of “The Masterworks of Information Architecture” (2016). Bulletin of the Association for Information Science and Technology–– Volume 42, Number 5
What Good Means (2016). Self-published, https://medium.com/@danklyn/what-good-means-25cc8cd93a56#.50v8de6xb


Ducks, Dutch Uncles, and Decorated Sheds. in Reframing Information Architecture ed. Resmini (2014)


Lifeboat #5: Richard Saul Wurman. (2012) Journal of Information Architecture. Vol. 3, No. 2. [Available at http://journalofia.org/volume3/issue2/02-my/]