Diganta Kalita

Postdoctoral Research Associate
Horticulture and Landscape Architecture
Colorado State University
E-mail: diganta.kalita@colostate.edu

Fields of interest:

Food chemistry, Food Technology, Food preservation, Nutrition, Postharvest physiology, Phytochemistry, and Biochemistry

Selected publications:

Kalita and S. S. Jayanty. (2014) Comparison of Polyphenol Content and Antioxidant Capacity of Colored Potato Tubers, Pomegranate, and Blueberries. Journal of Food Processing and Technology, 5: 1-7.

Kalita, D. G. Holm, and S. S. Jayanty. (2013). Role of poyphenols in acryalmide formation in the fried products of potato tubers with colored flesh, Food Research International, 54: 753-759.

Kalita and S. S. Jayanty. (2013). Reduction of acrylamide formation by vanadium salt in potato French fries and chips. Food Chemistry,138: 644-649.

Kalita, B. Radaram, B. Brooks, P. P. Kannam, and X. Zhao. (2011). Photocatalytic Oxidation of hydrocarbons with water by ruthenium complexes, ChemCatChem, 3:571-573.

J. Boruah, D. Kalita, S. P. Das, S. Paul, and N. S. Islam. (2011). Polymer anchored peroxocompounds of vanadium (V) and molybdenum (VI): Synthesis, stability, and their activities with alkaline phosphatase and catalase Inorganic Chemistry 50: 8046-8062.

Kalita, S. P Das, and N. S. Islam. (2009). Kinetics of inhibition of rabbit intestine alkaline phosphatase by heteroligand peroxo complexes of vanadium (V) and tungsten (VI). Biological Trace Element Research 128: 200-219.

K. Haldar, S. Banerjee, K. Naskar, D. Kalita, N. S. Islam, and S. Roy. (2009). Sub-optimal dose of sodium antimony Gluconate(SAG)-diperoxovanadate combination clears organ parasites from BALB/c mice infected with antimony resistant Leishmania donovani by expanding antileishmanial T-cell repertoire and increasing IFN-y to IL-10 ratio. Experimental Parasitology, 122: 145-154.

Kalita, S. Sarmah, S. P. Das, , A. Patowary, D. Baishya, S. Baruah, and N. S. Islam. (2008). Synthesis, characterization, reactivity and antibacterial activity of new peroxovanadium (V) complexes anchored to soluble polymers. Reactive and Functional Polymers, 68:876-90.

D. Kalita, R. C. Deka and N. S. Islam. (2007). Density functional study of structure and reactivity of a dinuclear peroxovanadate (V) complex. Inorganic Chemistry Communications, 10: 45-48.