Dr. Dorice Agol

International Research Consultant
Independent Consultant
E-mail: agoldorice@hotmail.com

Fields of interest:

Water, Food, Energy Security, Sustainability, Biodiversity Conservation, Health.

Recent publications:

Agol D,. Latawiec AE,. and Strassburg BBN,(2014) ‘Project impact assessment using sustainability indicators: opportunities and challenges’ published in the journal: Environmental Impact Assessment Review (volume 48, pages 1-9, 2014)

Asiki, G, Seeley, J, Agol, D et al (2014)  A pilot study to evaluate aflatoxin exposure in a rural Ugandan population: Tropical Medicine & International Health 19 (5):592-9.

Agol, D and Harper, D. (2014)  Examining the role of local volunteers in hydro-metereological research and monitoring in Lake Naivasha.  Journal of Hydrobiology and Ecohydrology  (Under Review)

Latawiec, A. and Agol, D (Ed)  “Sustainability Indicators in Practice” Degruyter Publisher, (Proof reading)