Dr Aaron Critch

Fields of interest

Early medieval archaeology; the Viking Age; Viking silver; early medieval Britain; North Atlantic archaeology; medieval trade; archaeometallurgy; 3D-modelling; X-ray fluorescence; political economy; tradition

Recent publications

Critch, A.J., J.F. Harland & J.H. Barrett, forthcoming. “Tracing the late Viking-Age and medieval butter economy: the view from Quoygrew, Orkney”, in J. Kershaw, S. Sindbaek & G. Williams (eds.), Silver, Butter, Copper, Cloth: Currencies and Value in the Viking Age. Oxford: Oxford University Press.


Critch, A.J., 2015. ‘How are princely gifts repaid by your powerful friends?’: ‘ring-money’ and the appropriation of tradition in Insular Viking politics, AD 900–1065, PhD thesis, University of Cambridge.