Dr. Ajaypal Singh

Research Fellow
Food Science
United States Department of Agriculture, USA
E-mail: Ajaypal.singh@mail.mcgill.ca

Fields of interest

High pressure processing, food processing, food safety, food science, texture studies, food preservation, food technology

Recent publications

  1. Singh A. and Ramaswamy H.S. (2015) High-pressure modification of egg components: Exploration of Calorimetric, structural and functional characteristics (Journal of Innovative food science and emerging technologies)
  2. Hussain R., Vatankhah H., Singh A., Ramaswamy HS. (2015) Effect of high-pressure treatment on the structural and rheological properties of resistant corn starch/locust bean gum mixtures (Journal of Carbohydrate Polymers)
  3. Singh A., Geveke DJ., Yadav M, (2015) Modification of rheological, thermal and functional properties of tapioca starch using gum arabic (LWT- Journal of food science)
  4. Ahmed, J., Singh, A., Ramaswamy, H. S., Pandey, P. K., & Raghavan, G. S. V. (2014). Effect of high-pressure on calorimetric, rheological and dielectric properties of selected starch dispersions. Carbohydrate Polymers, 103, 12-21.
  5. Singh, A., Sharma, M., & Ramaswamy, H. S. (2015). Effect of High-Pressure Treatment on Rheological Characteristics of Egg Components. International Journal of Food Properties, 18(3), 558-571.