Dr Marty Meinardi

Lecturer in English
School of Languages, Law and Social Science
Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT)
Language Editor
E-mail: marty.meinardi@dit.ie
Page: http://www.dit.ie/llss/people/languages/staffarticles/staffname,82425,en.html

Fields of interest

Pronunciation and fluency in language learners and the occurrence of formulaic sequences in native speaker speech and its role in acquiring fluency.
Second language acquisition and in particular oral and aural skills acquisition.
Technology enhanced learning
Language processing

Recent publications

Norton, S. and Meinardi, M. (2013) “The United Colours of Etiquette:  Interculturality in the Higher Education Classroom”, Sense and Sensitivity, edited by Elisabeth Lillie,  Cultural Identity Studies Volume 13, Peter Lang Publishing. ISBN978-3-03911-869-4

Campbell, D.F, Meinardi, M. and B. Richardson (2010).Dublin Institute of Technology’s Dynamic Speech Corpus. IATEFL 2009 Cardiff Conference Selections. B. Beaven Ed. Canterbury: IATEFL

Meinardi, M. 2010, The Use of ‘Real’ English in Language Learning, Saarbruecken: LAP Lambert Academic Publishing GmbH & Co.

(ISBN-13: 978-3838343358)

Meinardi, M. (2009).Speed bumps for Authentic Listening Material.  ReCALL an International Journal on Technologies and Language Learning, Cambridge: Cambridge University PressVol. 21, part 3, September 2009, pp.302-318

Meinardi, M. (2007), The Use of Spoken Authentic language in EFL and ESL,Modern English Teacher, 16/3  www.onlineMET.com

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