Dr Pauline Rafferty

Senior Lecturer
Information Studies
Aberystwyth University
Section Editor
E-mail: pmr@aber.ac.uk

Fields of interest

Organisation of Knowledge, Cultural Heritage, Social Media and Tagging, Library and Information Science Theory

Recent publications

Rafferty, P. and Foster, A. (eds.) (2016) Managing Digital Cultural Objects: Analysis, Discovery, Retrieval, Facet,

Rafferty, P. (2015) FRBR, Information and Intertextuality. Library Trends 63 (3) pp. 487-511. 10.1353/lib.2015.0008

Murphy, H., Rafferty, P. (2015) ‘Is There Nothing Outside the Tags?: Towards a Poststructuralist Analysis of Social Tagging’, Journal of Documentation 71 (3) pp. 477-502. 10.1108/JD-02-2013-0026

Rafferty, P., Albinfalah, F. (2014) A tale of two images: the quest to create a story-based image indexing system. Journal of Documentation 70 (4) pp. 605-621. 10.1108/JD-10-2012-0130

Rafferty, P. (2014) Genette, intertextuality and KO. In W. Babik (ed), Knowledge Organization in the 21st Century: Between Historical Patterns and Future Prospects. Thirteenth International ISKO Conference 19-22 May 2014 Kraków , Kraków , Poland, 19/05/2014 – 22/05/2014. Ergon pp. 351-358.