Dr. Raheem Gul

Assistant Professor
Department of Mathematics
COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Pakistan
E-mail: gul_salfi@yahoo.com
Page: http://ciit-atd.edu.pk/secure/researchgroups/COMSATSMemberDetails.aspx?memberID=665

Fields of interest

Cardiovascular modeling in 0D, Sensitivity analysis, Parameter estimation, Reduced-dimensional modeling

Recent publications

  1. R. Gul, C. Schuette, S. Bernhard, Mathematical modeling and sensitivity analysis of arterial anastomosis in arm arteries. In press, Applied mathematical modeling 40 (2016) pp. 7724-7738. (IF=2.291)
  2. R. Gul, S. Bernhard, Parametric uncertainty and global sensitivity analysis in a model of the carotid bifurcation: Identification and ranking of most sensitive model parameters, Mathematical Biosciences, 269, 104-116 (2015). (IF=1.256)
  3. R. Gul and S. Bernhard. Local sensitivity analysis of cardiovascular system parameters. International Journal of Scientific and Engineering Research. 4(7), 2648-2661 (2013).
  4. Rahim Gul, Zaffar H. Khan, Waqar A. Khan, Heat Transfer from solids with VariableThermal
  5. Conductivity and Uniform Internal Heat Generation using HomotopyPerturbation Method, NUST journal of Engineering Sciences, 2(1), 37-45 (2009)
  6. Zaffar H. Khan, Rahim Gul, Waqar A. Khan, Application of Adomian decompositionMethod for Sumudu Transform. NUST journal of Engineering Sciences, 1(1) 40-44 (2008).