Emad Khazraee

Assistant Professor
School of Library and Information Science
Kent State University
Section Editor of Open Information Science
E-mail: emad@kent.edu
Page: http://khazraee.com

Fields of interest

Social computing, social media, sociotechnical studies of Information,  information policy.

Recent publications

Khazraee, E. and Losey, J. (2016) “Evolving repertoires: Digital media use in contentious politics,” Communication and the Public 1(1), pp. 39-55.

Khazraee, E. and Gasson, S. (2015) “Epistemic Objects and Embeddedness: Knowledge Construction and Narratives in Research Networks of Practice,” The Information Society: Special issue on the Regimes of Information. 31(2), pp. 139-159.

Novak, A. N., and Khazraee, E. (2014). The Stealthy Protester: Risk and the Female Body in Online Social Movements. Feminist Media Studies, pp.1094-1095.

Khazraee, E. and Unsworth, K. (2012). “Social media: The new opiate of the masses?” International Review of Information Ethics, 18, pp. 49-59.