Erik S. Roraback, D.Phil. (Oxon.)

Director, American Literature and Cultural-Studies
Anglophone Literatures and Cultures
Charles University in Prague

Fields of interest

Modern thought and culture; systems theory; theoretical psychoanalysis; sociology of cinema, literature, and philosophical cultures; critical sports studies; Frankfurt School and Walter Benjamin studies; French theory of the C20 and C21

Recent publications

“Emancipating Forms Of Death With Polanyi And Leibniz”. Pagination forthcoming. Death And Anti-Death, Volume 14: Four Decades After Michael Polanyi, Three Centuries After G.W. Leibniz, ed. Charles Tandy. Palo Alto, California: Ria University Press, forthcoming. Hardback ISBN: 978-1-934297-26-1; Softback ISBN: 978-1-934297-26-1. USA.

The Power of the Impossible: On Community and the Creative Life. IFF Books, Winchester, UK, 2017. ISBN: 978-1-78535-149-5. Forthcoming.

The Philosophical Baroque: On Autopoietic Modernities (Brill Publishing Company, Leiden/Boston/Tokyo, 2017). ISBN: forthcoming. The Netherlands.

“This is Money & Power; or, Thinking Materialism with James & Balzac”. Volume title and pagination forthcoming. Paris: Universitaires de Paris Ouest, 2016/2017. Eds. Eliane Elmaleh, Pierre Guerlian, Raphaël Ricaud. France.

“An Aesthetic & Ethical Revolutionary on the U.S.-American Road: Theodor W. Adorno in Los Angeles & in New York”. In A View From Elsewhere. Eds. Marcel Arbeit and Roman Trušník. Olomouc: Palacký University, 2014, 247 pp. ISBN 978-80-244-4396-6, pp. 59-84. Czech Republic. First Edition.

“Slavic Encounters: The Reception of Henry James in the Czech and Slovak Lands”. In The Reception of Henry James in Europe, The Athlone Critical Traditions Series: The Reception of British and Irish Authors in Europe. Editor Annick Duperray. Series Editor Elinor Schaffer. London/New York: Bloomsbury Academic, 2014, 381 pp. ISBN 978-1-4725-3593-1, pp. 124-138 and 325-328. UK/USA. Paperback edition. First published in 2006 by the Continuum International Publishing Group Ltd.

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“A Gateway to a Baroque Rhetoric of Jacques Lacan & Niklas Luhmann”. In Prague English Studies Centenary and the Transformation of Philologies. 1st ed. Eds. Martin Procházka and Ondřej Pilný. Prague: Karolinum Press, 2013; 218 pp., pp. 166-83, ISBN: 978-80-246-2156-2. Czech Republic.

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The Dialectics of Late Capital and Power: James, Balzac and Critical Theory. Newcastle-upon-Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2007. Dust jacket: a Georg Jensen designed silver bowl from 1912. ISBN: 1-84718-226-7, 220 x 150 (mm), xviii + 312 pp., hardback. UK.