Gbolahan Olasina

Senior Lecturer
Library and Information Science
University of Ilorin, Nigeria
Assistant Editor

Fields of inerest

Digital Life, e-society, e-learning, VLEs, Information Systems, Digital Libraries, new media, ICT and human behaviour, research methods and interaction paradigms.

Recent publcations

Olasina, G. (2016). Exploratory study of collaborative behaviour in gaming and interactions of students in Second Life. British Journal of Educational Technology, 47 (3), 520-527.
Olasina, G. (2015). Factors influencing the use of m-banking by academics: Case study sms- based m-banking. African Journal of Information Systems (AJIS), 7 (4), 56-79. Available at
Olasina, G. and Mutula, S. (2015). The influence of national culture on the performance expectancy of e-parliament adoption. Behaviour & Information Technology, Taylor and Francis, 34 (5), 492-505., ISSN 0144- 929X (Print), 1362-3001 (Online).


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