Giampiero Lombardi

associate professor
Agricultural, Forest and Food Sciences (DISAFA)
University of Turin, Italy

Fields of interest

grasslands ecology and management
vegetation and biodiversity assessment
grazing management
mountain product quality

Recent publications

Pittarello M., Probo M., Lonati M., Lombardi G. (2016). Restoration of sub-alpine shrub-encroached grasslands through pastoral practices: effects on vegetation structure and botanical composition. Applied Vegetation Science, 19(3): 381-390

Orlandi S., Probo M., Sitzia T., Trentanovi G., Garbarino M., Lombardi G., Lonati M. (2016). Environmental and land use determinants of grassland patch diversity in the western and eastern Alps under agro-pastoral abandonment. Biodiversity and Conservation, 25(2): 275-293

Orlandi S., Nucera E.,Mosimann E., D’Adda G., Garzoli D., Bertossa M., Lonati M., Lombardi G. (2015). Drivers of Setaria pumila (Poir.) Roem. et Schult growth and impact on forage quality in lowland Switzerland meadows. Grass and Forage Science, early view (DOI: 10.1111/gfs.12200)

Pittarello M., Probo M., Lonati M., Bailey D. W., Lombardi G. (2015). Effects of traditional salt placement and strategically placed mineral mix supplements on cattle distribution in the Western Italian alps. Grass and Forage Science, early view (DOI: 10.1111/gfs.12196)

Lonati M., Probo M., Gorlier A., Lombardi G. (2015) Nitrogen fixation assessment in a legume-dominant alpine community: comparison of different reference species using the 15N isotope dilution. Alpine Botany, 125, 51-58.

Probo M., Lonati M., Pittarello M., Bailey D.W., Garbarino M., Gorlier A., Lombardi G. (2014) Implementation of a rotational grazing system with large paddocks changes the distribution of grazing cattle in the south-western Italian Alps, The Rangeland Journal, 445-458.

Ascoli, D., Lonati, M., Marzano, R., Bovio, G., Cavallero, A., Lombardi, G. (2013) Prescribed burning and browsing to control tree encroachment in southern European heathlands. Forest Ecology and Management, 289, pp. 69-77.

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Tocco, C., Probo, M., Lonati, M., Lombardi, G., Negro, M., Nervo, B., Rolando, A., Palestrini, C. (2013) Pastoral practices to reverse shrub encroachment of sub-alpine grasslands: Dung beetles (Coleoptera, Scarabaeoidea) respond more quickly than vegetation. PLoS ONE, 8 (12), art. no. e83344.

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