Gordana Dodig-Crnkovic

Computer Science and Software Engineering (MDH), Cognitive Science and Communication (CTH)
Mälardalen University (MDH), Chalmers University of Technology (CTH)
E-mail: gordana.dodig-crnkovic@chalmers.se
Page: http://www.idt.mdh.se/~gdc/

Fields of interest:

Computing paradigms; computational mechanisms of cognition; info-computationalism, information studies, computing and philosophy; ethics of computing; information ethics

Recent publications:

Dodig-Crnkovic, G., Information, Computation, Cognition. Agency-Based Hierarchies of Levels. (author’s draft). FUNDAMENTAL ISSUES OF ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, Müller V. C. (ed.), Synthese Library 377, pp 139-159. Springer International Publishing Switzerland 2016, DOI 10.1007/978-3-319-26485-1_10

Dodig-Crnkovic, G.,  The Architecture of Mind as a Network of Networks of Natural Computational Processes, Philosophies 2016, 1(1), 111-125; doi:10.3390/philosophies10101

Dodig-Crnkovic, G. and Cicchetti, A. Computational Aspects of Model-Based Reasoning, Invited chapter in the SPRINGER HANDBOOK OF MODEL-BASED SCIENCE, forthcoming 2017, http://www.springer.com/us/book/9783319305257 DOI 10.1007/978-3-319-30526-4

Burgin, M. and Dodig-Crnkovic, G., A Taxonomy of Computation and Information Architecture. ECSA 2015 ASDS Workshop. In Proceedings of the 2015 European Conference on Software Architecture Workshops (ECSAW ’15). ACM, New York, NY, USA. DOI=10.1145/2797433.2797440