Gunilla Widén

Information Studies
Åbo Akademi University

Fields of interest:

Information behavior, knowledge sharing, social capital, digital workplace, workplace information literacy, social media

Recent publications:

Hansen, P. & Widén, G. (2016, in press). The embeddedness of collaborative information seeking in information culture. Journal of Information Science.

Ahmad, F. & Widén, G. (2015). Language clustering and knowledge sharing in multilingual organizations: A social perspective on language, Journal of Information Science, 41(4), 430-443.

Widén, G., Lindström, J., Brännback, M., Huvila, I. and Nyström, A-G. (2015). Mixed emotions in active social media use – fun and convenient or shameful and embarrassing? Proceedings of the iConference, 24-27.3.2015, Newport Beach, California, USA.

Widén, G., Stienerová, J. and Voisey, P. (2014). Conceptual modelling of workplace information practices: a literature review. Information Research: An International Electronic Journal, 19(4)

Widén, G. & Kronqvist-Berg, M. (2014). The future librarian: a diverse and complex profession. IATUL conference, 2-5.6.2014, Esbo.

Huvila, I., Ek, S. & Widén, G. (2014). Information sharing and the dimensions of social capital in Second Life. Journal of Information Science, 40(2), 237-248.