Henriette Roued-Cunliffe

Assistant Professor
Royal School of Library and Information Science
University of Copenhagen
Section Editor of Open Information Science
E-mail: roued@hum.ku.dk
Page: http://iva.ku.dk/english/employees/?pure=en/persons/476477

Fields of interest:

Heritage open data, Everyday Life Information Seeking (ELIS), DIY culture and amateurs, XML and webservices / APIs,  Autodidact information behavior, crowdsourcing

Recent publications:

Roued-Cunliffe, Henriette. and Andrea Copeland (eds.) (forthcoming) Participatory Heritage. Facet Publishing.

Roued-Cunliffe, Henriette. (2013). A decision-support system for the reading of ancient documents. D.Phil thesis at the Faculty of Classics, University of Oxford.

Roued-Cunliffe, Henriette and Stuart Eve. (2011) Cross-Border Data Sharing: A Case study in Interoperability and Web Services. (eds.) Erzsébet Jerem, Ferenc Redő and Vajk Szeverényi. On the Road to Reconstructing the Past Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology. Proceedings of the 36th International Conference. Budapest 2008. Archaeolingua: Budapest.

Roued-Cunliffe, Henriette. (2010) Towards an Interpretation Support System for Reading Ancient Documents. Literary and Linguistics Computing, 25 (4), 365-379.