Ibekwe-Sanjuan Fidelia

School of Journalism & Communication (EJCAM)
Aix-Marseille University
E-mail: fidelia.ibekwe-sanjuan@univ-amu.fr
Page: http://fidelia1.free.fr

Fields of interest:

Theoretical Foundations of Library & Information Science, Documentation, Information and Communication Theories, Uses of ICTs; Impact of Big Data, Open Data, Web 2.0; Information seeking and Retrieval, Information Visualisation, Textmining, Terminology Modeling, Bibliometrics, Infometrics, Scientometrics

Recent publications:

Ibekwe-SanJuan F. (2016), The journey of information. How students perceive information in France using the draw and write technique, in International Conference on the Conceptions of Library and Information Science (CoLIS 9), Uppsala, Sweden, 26-29 June 2016 (Accepté). A Paraître dans la revue Information Research.

Ibekwe-SanJuan F., Ménard E(2015), (guest editors), Special Issue on Archives, Libraries and Museums in the Era of the Participatory Social Web, Canadian Journal of Information and Library Science, 39(3/4), 2015.

Sachi A., Buckland M., Feinberg M., Ibekwe-SanJuan F., Shaw R., Warner J., Pluri, Multi-, Trans- Meta- and Interdisciplinary nature of LIS. Does it really matter?, Panel in 77th Annual Meeting of the ASIS&T (ASsociation for Information Science & Technology), Seattle, USA, 31st Oct. – Nov. 4, 2014.

Ibekwe-SanJuan F. (2013), Thomas Dousa (eds.), Theories of Information, Communication and Knowledge. A Multidisciplinary approach. Springer, Netherlands. Springer’s Series Studies in History and Philosophy of Science, vol. 34, 2013.