Ilja Frissen

Assistant Professor
School of Information Studies
McGill University

Fields of interest:
  • Auditory perception & cognition
  • Human-computer interaction
  • Information interaction
  • Information seeking & use
  • Multimodal cognition
  • Multisensory perception
  • Spatial information interaction
Recent publications:

Dinneen, J.D., Odoni, F., Frissen, I., & Julien, C-A. (2016). Cardinal: Novel software for studying file management behavior. ASIST 2016, October 14-18, 2016, Copenhagen, Denmark. (8 pages) [acceptance rate 40%]

Ziat, M., Wagner, S.R., Frissen, I. (2016). Haptic feedback to compensate for the absence of horizon cues during landing. EuroHaptics Conference, July 4-7, 2016, London, UK. (9 pages). [acceptance rate 22%]

Juge, G., Pras, A., & Frissen, I. (2016). Perceptual evaluation of Transpan for 5.1 mixing of acoustic recordings. 140th International Convention of the Audio Engineering Society, June 4-7, 2016, Paris. (10 pages)

Blum, J., Frissen, I., & Cooperstock, J. (2015). Improving haptic feedback on wearable devices through accelerometer measurements. 28th ACM User Interface Software and Technology Symposium, November 8-11, 2015. Charlotte, NC. (6 pages).

Ziat, M., Savord, A., & Frissen, I. (2015). The effect of visual, haptic, and auditory signals perceived from rumble strips during inclement weather. IEEE World Haptics Conference, June 22-25, Evanston, IL. pp. 351-355.

Evans, M. M., Wensley, A., & Frissen, I. (2015). The mediating effects of trustworthiness on social-cognitive factors and knowledge sharing in a large professional service firm. Electronic Journal of Knowledge Management, 13, 240-253.

Frissen, I., Feron, F.X., & Guastavino, C. (2014). Auditory velocity discrimination in the horizontal plane at very high velocities. Hearing Research, 316, 94-101.

Frissen, I., & Guastavino, C. (2014). Do whole body vibrations affect spatial hearing? Ergonomics, 57, 1090-1101.

Frissen, I., Campos, J.L., Sreenivasa, M., & Ernst, M.O. (2013). Enabling unconstrained omnidirectional walking through virtual environments: an overview of the CyberWalk project. In, F.Steinicke, Y. Visell, J. Campos, & A. Lécuyer (Eds.), Human Walking in Virtual Environments: Perception, Technology, and Applications. Springer Verlag. pp. 113-144.