James H. Peoples

James H. Peoples
Department of Economics
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, US
E-mail: peoples@uwm.edu
Page: http://www.uwm.edu/economics/people/peoples-james-h/

Fields of interest

Transportation Economics
Labor Economics

Recent publications

Airline Efficiency, J. Bitzan, J.H. Peoples, & W. Wilson (Eds.), Emerald Press, 2016.

US Air Carriers and Work-Rule Constraints: Do Airlines Employ an Allocatively Efficient Mix of Inputs? (with J. Bitzan), Research in Transportation Economics, 2014, 45, pp. 9-17.

The Economics of International Airline Transport, J.H. Peoples (Ed.), Emerald Press, 2014.

Compensation of Foreign and Domestic Nurses in the US (with R. McGregory), Journal of Labor Research, 2013, 34, pp. 203-223.

The Legacy of the Interstate Commerce Act and Labor Legislation, Unionization, and Labor Earnings in Surface Transportation Services, Review of Industrial Organization, 2013, 43, pp: 63-84.

The Influence of Intrastate Deregulation on Union Wage Premiums (with S. Trick), Transport Policy, 2012, 24, pp. 10-18.

An Empirical Analysis of Incentive Regulation and the Allocation of Inputs in the US Telecommunications Industry (with N. Buranabunyut), Journal of Regulatory Economics, 2012, 41(2), pp. 181-192.

Pricing Behavior and Non-Price Characteristics in the Airline Industry, in: J.H. Peoples (Ed.) Pricing Behavior and Non-Price characteristics in the Airline Industry, Emerald Press, 2012.