Jaya Raju, Associate Professor

Head of Department
Library and Information Studies Centre
University of Cape Town
E-mail: jaya.raju@uct.ac.za

Fields of interest:

LIS education in the African developing context; general/liberal arts education in the higher education context; higher education information provision in the current knowledge context; developing LIS skills statements for the digital age; research theory and methodology

Recent publications:

Raju, R., Raju, J. & Johnson, G. 2016. Research support services in South African academic libraries. In Atkinson, J. (Ed.). Quality and the academic library: reviewing, assessing and enhancing service provision. pp. 167-177. Amsterdam: Chandos. ISBN: 978-0-12-802105-7

Raju, J. 2015. Curriculum content and delivery: South African LIS education responses to a changing information landscape. In Bitso, C. and Raju, R. (Eds.). LIS education and research in a dynamic information landscape. pp. 21-30. Cape Town: University of Cape Town Libraries. ISBN: 978-0-7992-2526-6. doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.15641/0-7992-2526-6

Pietersen, J. & Raju, J. 2015. The shape and form of the 21st century academic library, with particular reference to a South African case. In Raju, R. et al. (Eds.). The quest for deeper meaning of research  support. pp. 13-28. Cape Town: University of Cape Town Libraries. ISBN: 978-0-7992-2526-6. DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.15461/0-7992-2526-6 

Raju, R., Raju J. & Claassen, J. 2015. Open scholarship practices reshaping South Africa’s scholarly publishing roadmap. Publications. 3: 263-284. DOI: 10.3390/publications3040263

Raju, J. 2015. LIS education in the digital age for an African agenda. Library trends. 64(1): 161-177.

Raju, R., Raju, J. & Smith, I. 2015. South Africa: the role of open access in promoting local content, increasing its usage and protecting it. In Schöfel, J. (Ed.). Learning from the BRICs open access to scientific information in emerging countries. Sacramento, CA: Litwin Books (ISBN: 978-1-936117-84-0).

Raju, J. 2014. Knowledge and skills for the digital era academic library. Journal of academic librarianship, 40(2): 163-170.