Jean-Michel Lavoie

Département de genie chimique et de genie biotechnologique
Université de Sherbrooke

Fields of interest:

Biofuels, Power-to-X, Reforming.

Recent publications:

1. Diop, Chérif Ibrahima Khalil; Lavoie, Jean-Michel; ,Isolation of nanocrystalline cellulose: A technological route for valorizing recycled tetra pak aseptic multilayered food packaging wastes,Waste and Biomass Valorization,8,1,41-56,2017,Springer Netherlands

2. Diop, Chérif Ibrahima Khalil; Lavoie, Jean-Michel; Huneault, Michel A; ,Separation and Reuse of Multilayer Food Packaging in Cellulose Reinforced Polyethylene Composites,Waste and Biomass Valorization,8,1,85-93,2017,Springer Netherlands

3. Chartrand, Ariane; Lavoie, Jean‐Michel; Huneault, Michel A; ,Surface modification of microcrystalline cellulose (MCC) and its application in LDPE‐based composites,Journal of Applied Polymer Science,134,1,,2017

4. Fuente-Hernández, Ariadna; Lee, Roland; Béland, Nicolas; Zamboni, Ingrid; Lavoie, Jean-Michel; ,Reduction of Furfural to Furfuryl Alcohol in Liquid Phase over a Biochar-Supported Platinum Catalyst,Energies,10,3,286,2017,Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute

5. Melchiori, Tommaso; Boulet, Micael; Lavoie, Jean-Michel; ,Modeling of ash deposition on the wall of a high temperature slagging gasifier,Fuel,197,,100-110,2017,Elsevier

6. Assima, Gnouyaro Palla; Dell’Orco, Stefano; Navaee-Ardeh, Shahram; Lavoie, Jean-Michel; ,Catalytic conversion of residual fine char recovered by aqueous scrubbing of syngas from urban biomass gasification,Biomass and Bioenergy,100,,98-107,2017,Pergamon

7. Sauvageon, Thibaud; Lavoie, Jean-Michel; Segovia, César; Brosse, Nicolas; ,Toward the cottonization of hemp fibers by steam explosion–Part 1: defibration and morphological characterization,Textile Research Journal,,,0040517517697644,2017,”SAGE Publications Sage UK: London, England”

8. Eysseric, E; Ghislain, T; Duret, X; Lalonde, O; Segura, PA; Lavoie, JM; ,Effect of steam treatments on the availability of various families of secondary metabolites extracted from green sweet sorghum,Industrial Crops and Products,104,,120-128,2017,Elsevier

9. Tricomi, Leonardo; Melchiori, Tommaso; Chiaramonti, David; Boulet, Micaël; Lavoie, Jean Michel; ,Sensitivity Analysis and Accuracy of a CFD-TFM Approach to Bubbling Bed Using Pressure Drop Fluctuations,Frontiers in bioengineering and biotechnology,5,,38,2017,Frontiers

10. Boboescu, Iulian-Zoltan; Gélinas, Malorie; Beigbeder, Jean-Baptiste; Lavoie, Jean-Michel; ,A two-step optimization strategy for 2nd generation ethanol production using softwood hemicellulosic hydrolysate as fermentation substrate,Bioresource Technology,244,,708-716,2017,Elsevier

11. Castaldi, M; van Deventer, J; Lavoie, JM; Legrand, J; Nzihou, A; Pontikes, Y; Py, X; Vandecasteele, C; Vasudevan, PT; Verstraete, W; ,Progress and Prospects in the Field of Biomass and Waste to Energy and Added-Value Materials,,,,,2017,Springer Netherlands

12. Syed, Alizeb Hussain; Boulet, Micael; Melchiori, Tommaso; Lavoie, Jean-Michel; ,CFD Simulations of an Air-Water Bubble Column: Effect of Luo Coalescence Parameter and Breakup Kernels,Frontiers in chemistry,5,,68,2017, Frontiers