Jela Steinerová

Library and Information Science
Comenius University in Bratislava

Fields of interest:

Theory of information science, research methodology, human information behavior

Recent publications:

Steinerová, Jela. (2015). Looking for Creative Information Strategies and Ecological Literacy. In: Information Literacy: Moving Toward Sustainability. Eds. Kurbanoglu et al. ECIL 2015. Tallinn, Oct. 19-22, 2015. Cham: Springer 2015, 3-12. CCIS 552.

Steinerová, Jela (2014). Information horizons mapping for information literacy development. In: Information Literacy. Lifelong Learning and Digital Citizenship in the 21st Century. Eds. S. Špiranec, S. Kurbanoglu et al. Second European Conference, ECIL 2014, Dubrovnik, Croatia, October 20-23, 2014. Springer Internat. Publ. 2014, 70-80. ISBN 978-3-319-14135-0. CCIS 492.

Steinerová, Jela, Hrčková, Andrea (2014). Information support of research information interactions of PhD. students in Slovakia. In: An International Journal on Grey Literature. Summer 2014. TGJ Vol. 10, no. 2, pp. 79-85. Research Communities and Data Sharing. Grey Literature Network Services.

Steinerová, Jela (2013). Methodological Literacy of Doctoral Students – an Emerging Model. In: Worldwide Commonalities and Challenges in Information Literacy in Research and Practice. European Conference on Information Literacy. ECIL 2013. Istanbul, Turkey, October 22-25. Revised Selected Papers. Eds. S. Kurbanoglu et al. Cham: Springer Intern. 2013, 148-154. CCIS 397. ISBN 978-3-319-03918-3.

Steinerová, Jela (2012). Information ecology as a framework for reconsideration of information use. In Mousaion. South African Journal of Information Studies. Ed. T.B. van der Walt. Vol. 30 (1), 2012, 87-102. ISSN 0027-2639. Unisa Press

Steinerová, Jela (2010). Ecological Dimensions of Information Literacy. In Information Research. Vol. 15, No. 4. Paper CoLIS 719. Retrieved from: