Jiří Kléma

Associate Professor
Department of Computer Science
Czech Technical University
E-mail: klema@fel.cvut.cz
Page: http://ida.felk.cvut.cz/klema/

Fields of interest

data mining, machine learning, bioinformatics

Recent publications

Liskova, P., Dudakova, L., Krepelova, A., Klema, J. and Hysi, P. G.: Replication of SNP associations with keratoconus in a Czech cohort. PLOS ONE, February 16, 2017.

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Dostalova Merkerova, M., Krejcik, Z., Belickova, M., Hrustincova, A., Klema, J., Stara, E., Zemanova, Z., Michalova, K., Cermak, J. and Jonasova A.: Genome-wide miRNA profiling in myelodysplastic syndrome with del(5q) treated with lenalidomide. European Journal of Haematology, Vol. 95, Issue 1 (July), pp. 35-43, 2015.

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