John M. Woodley

Chemical and Biochemical Engineering
Technical University of Denmark

Fields of interest:

Enzyme interface effects, Enzyme kinetics and modelling, Biocatalytic oxidation, Mass-transfer, Reactor and process design.

Recent publications:

Gundersen MT, Abu R, Schürmann M and Woodley JM. 2015. Amine donor and acceptor influence on the thermodynamics of ω-transaminase based reactions. Tetrahedron: Asymmetry. 26, 567-570.

Abu R and Woodley JM. 2015. Application of enzyme coupling reactions to shift thermodynamically-limited biocatalytic reactions. ChemCatChem. 7, 3094-3105.

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Gundersen MT, Tufvesson P, Rackham EJ, Lloyd RC and Woodley JM. 2016. A rapid selection procedure for simple commercial implementation of ω-transaminase reactions. Org Proc Res Dev. 20, 602-608.

Price J, Nordblad M, Martel HM, Chrabas B, Wang H, Nielsen PM and Woodley JM. 2016. Scale-up of industrial biodiesel production to 40 m3 using a liquid lipase formulation. Biotech Bioeng. 113, 1719-1728.

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Toftgaard Pedersen A, Carvalho T, Sutherland E, Rehn G, Ashe R and Woodley JM. 2017. Biocatalytic oxidation in a continuous agitated cell reactor. Biotech Bioeng. 114, 1222-1230.

Ringborg RH, Toftgaard Pedersen A and Woodley JM.  2017. Determination of oxygen-dependent enzyme kinetics. ChemCatChem. DOI:10.1002/cctc.201700811

Woodley JM. Integrating Protein Engineering with Process Design for Biocatalysis. Phil Trans R Soc A. DOI:19.1098/rsta.2017.0062