Jung-Won Yoon

Associate Professor
School of Information
University of South Florida
E-mail: jyoon@usf.edu
Page: http://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6fWKo6t7UGfekVzNzRxTlU1cWM/view

Fields of interest:
  • Visual information seeking behaviors and retrieval
  • Visual communication and Visualization
  • Social informatics and social media
  • Information behaviors of foreign-born populations
  • Consumer health information seeking behaviors
  • Scholarly communication and Bibliometrics
Recent publications:

Yoon, J. & Chung, E. (2016). Image use in social network communication: a case study of tweets on the Boston marathon bombing. Information Research, 21(1), paper 708.

Yoon, J., Chung, E., & Byun, J. (2015). An identification of the image retrieval domain from the perspective of library and information science with author co-citation and author bibliographic coupling analyses. Journal of the Korean Society for Library and Information Science, 49 (4), 99-124.

Chung, E. & Yoon, J. (2015). An exploratory analysis of international students’ information needs and uses. The Canadian Journal of Information and Library Science, 39(1), 36-59.

Yoon, J. (2014). Health information seeking of foreign-born population in U.S. Ewha Journal of Social Science, 30 (2), 25-52.

Yoon, J. & Kim, S. (2014). Internet Use by International Graduate Students in the U.S. Seeking Health Information. Aslib Journal of Information Management, 66(2), 117-133.