Katarzyna Inga Michalak

Managing Editor, History, Archaeology
E-mail: Katarzyna.Michalak@degruyteropen.com

Responsibilities at De Gruyter Open:

  • Strategically plans and manages De Gruyter Open Books publishing program in history and archaeology
  • Fills annual volume of Open Archaeology with sufficient number of good articles
  • Searches for good book proposals and manuscripts
  • Builds team of Associate Editors  in all subfields of history and archaeology
  • Assists authors in development of book manuscripts
  • Coordinates book copyediting, technical editing and production
  • Develops and maintains contacts with archaelogists, especially with potential authors
  • Promotes published articles to readers and citers

Fields of interest:

  • Neolithic Europe.
  • Settlement archaeology.
  • Ceramic analysis.

Recent publications:

Michalak K.
Analiza ceramiki z stanowiska Grądy Woniecko 1 gm. Rutki, pow. Łomża, woj. podlaskie.
Gdańskie Studia Archeologiczne, 3, 2014 (in preparation)

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