Lauren H. Mandel

Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor
University of Rhode Island
Section Editor of Open Information Science

Fields of interest

Wayfinding, library facilities, public libraries, research methods, GIS in LIS.

Recent publications

Mandel, L. H. (in press). Understanding and describing users’ wayfinding behavior in public library facilities. Journal of Librarianship and Information Science.

Mandel, L. H. (2016). Visualizing the library as place. Performance Measurement and Metrics, 17(2), 165-174. doi:10.1108/PMM-04-2016-0016.

Johnston, M. P., & Mandel, L. H. (2014). Are we leaving them lost in the woods with no breadcrumbs to follow? Assessing signage systems in school libraries. School Libraries Worldwide, 20(2), 38-53.