Le Anne Barclay-Platenburg

Part time Lecturer / Full Time Professor
School of Communication and Information
Rutgers University / Berkeley College, Larry L. Luing School of Business
Assistant Editor
E-mail: Leanne.barclayplatenburg@rutgers.edu; Leanne.barclayp@berkeleycollege.edu

Fields of interest

Information Systems and Social Impact, IT Risk Management, IT Governance, IT Compliance, Smart Cities Technologies, Data Analytics, Ethics Risk Management

Recent publications

Barclay-Platenburg, L., & Tippins, S. (2014, June 15). The Adoption and Integration of Three IT Governance Frameworks to Mitigate IT Challenges and Risks in the Healthcare Industry. Leadership and Organizational Management Journal, 2014(2.2)

Barclay-Platenburg, L., & Tippins, S. (2014, June 15). Applying Decision Tree Support to Determine Whether to Implement Social Media at Health X. Franklin Business and Law Journal, 2014(2)