Luiz Pereira Ramos

Federal University of Paraná, Curitiba, Brazil

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Dr. L. P. Ramos is Full Professor in Analytical Organic Chemistry at the Federal University of Paraná (UFPR), Department of Chemistry, Curitiba, Paraná, Brazil. He graduated in Chemistry (1982) at the Catholic University of Paraná in 1982, obtained his Master’s in Biochemistry from the Department of Biochemistry of the UFPR in 1988 and his Ph.D. in Applied Biology from the University of Ottawa, Canada in 1992 under the supervision of Dr. John (Jack) Saddler. Dr. Ramos is currently the leader of a research group that is actively working on the development of biorefinery strategies for the total conversion of biomass into valuable chemicals, renewable fuels and biobased materials. His research activities involve wood and carbohydrate chemistry, second and third generation biofuels (biodiesel and cellulosic ethanol from conventional and non-conventional feedstocks such as microalgae), biomass fractionation using advanced pretreatment technologies, intensification of bioconversion processes (ultrasound, microwaves), heterogeneous catalysis and several other topics within the main concept of sustainable biorefineries. Former Head of the UFPR’s Graduate Program in Chemistry for several years and permanent staff in two local graduate programs (Chemistry and Bioenergy), he has participated in the successful supervision of 17 PhD students, 41 Master’s students and 5 postdoctoral fellows up until December 2015. Also, he has been honored as a distinguished professor by the UFPR undergraduate (B.Sc.) students in Chemistry for 10 consecutive years. Dr. Ramos participates actively in several networks and collaborative programs involving research institutes and industries from Brazil and abroad (Sweden, Canada, Argentina, Uruguay, Spain, France, Portugal, Denmark, Colombia, United States). Member of the Brazilian Chemistry Society and of the American Chemistry Society (ACS), he has organized and chaired 3 international meetings and participated in numerous organizing committees for conferences held in Brazil or abroad. He has authored or co-authored numerous research publications and the impact of his published work is reflected in more than 2600 citations and in an H factor of 31 (Scopus, Jan 2016). Currently, he is one of the Associate Editors of the ACS journal Energy & Fuels (since 2012) and participates in the Editorial Advisory Board of the Bioethanol Journal (edited by De Gruyter), BioResources (Raleigh, USA) and Science and Technology (Uberlândia, Brazil). Finally, he has acted as ad-hoc consultant for several companies, leading international scientific journals and both national and international funding agencies.

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