Manju D. Tanwar

Marie-Sklowdowska- Curie Researcher
Department of Mechanical Engineering
University of Birmingham

Fields of interest:

Synthesis, characterisation and applications of perovskite based catalysts, zeolite based and metal oxide nanofiber materials for vehicular after exhaust treatment systems (DPF, DOC and TWC), biomasses conversion (Algae to bioethanol, algae to biofuel, cellulose to methyl furans), catalytic conversion of municipal solid waste to fuel, energy storage materials, waste water treatment systems for heavy metal removal, organic pollutants removal and inorganic pollutant removal.

Recent publications:

Manju Dhakad Tanwar, B.B. Suvarna, Bio-ethanol production and heavy metal lead (Pb) removal using macro algae Wolffia. Journal of Catalyst and Catalysis.2015; 2(3):23–39p.

Manju Dhakad Tanwar, Gaykar V. Yogita, Bhand Yashas. Comparative adsorption studies on raw rice husk, acid leached rice husk and base leached rice husk by using methylene blue as dye. Journal of Catalyst and Catalysis. 2015; 2(1): 32–39p.

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