Dr Marianne Hem Eriksen

Associate Professor / Visiting Fellow
Museum of Cultural History, University of Oslo / McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research, University of Cambridge
E-mail: m.h.eriksen@khm.uio.no

Fields of interest:

Architecture and domestic space, Houses and households, The relationship between houses and large-scale social process, Ritual practice and embodiment, The relationship between the living and the dead, Houses as animate entities.

Recent publications:

Eriksen, M. H. Forthc./2019 Architecture, Society and Ritual in Viking Age Scandinavia: Doors, Dwellings, and Domestic Space. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge.

Eriksen, M. H., U. Pedersen, B. Rundberget, I. Axelsen and H.L. Berg (eds) 2015 Viking Worlds. Things, spaces, and movement. Oxbow, Oxford.

Articles and book chapters:

Eriksen, M. H. 2018 Embodied regulations. Searching for boundaries in the Viking Age. In Archaeologies of Rules and Regulations: Between Text and Practice, edited by B. Hausmair, B. Jervis, R. Nugent and E. Williams. Berghahn, Oxford/New York.

Eriksen, M. H. 2017 Don’t all mothers love their children? Deposited infants as animate objects in the Scandinavian Iron Age. World Archaeology 49(3): 338-356.

Eriksen, M. H. 2016 Commemorating dwelling. The death and burial of houses in Iron and Viking Age Scandinavia. European Journal of Archaeology 19(3): 477-496.

Eriksen, M. H. 2016 Den enes død er den annens brød? Om kropp, mat og dødsforestillinger i skandinavisk jernalder [transl. ’One’s death, another’s bread? On body, food and concepts of death in the Scandinavian Iron Age’]. Arr – Idéhistorisk tidsskrift 2016(2): 49-59.

Eriksen, M. H. 2015 The Powerful Ring. Door rings, oath rings, and the sacral place. In Viking Worlds. Things, spaces and movement, edited by M.H. Eriksen et al., pp. 73–87. Oxbow, Oxford.

Eriksen, M. H. 2014 Frihetens port. En reise gjennom fortidens dører. [trans. ’The Gates of Freedom. A journey through the portals of the past’]. In Ja, vi elsker frihet, edited by S. Gullbekk, pp. 304–310. Dreyer, Oslo.

Eriksen, M. H. 2013 Doors to the dead: The power of doorways and thresholds in Viking Age Scandinavia. Archaeological Dialogues 20(2): 187-214.