Michael Barrie

Associate Professor
Department of English
Sogang University
E-mail: mikebarrie@sogang.ac.kr
Page: http://www.sites.google.com/site/barriemichael/home

Fields of interest

syntax, morphosyntax, syntax-semantics interface, Iroquoian linguistics

Recent publications

M. Barrie, I. Yoo
Bare Nominal Adjuncts
In: Linguistic Inquiry. 48(3). to appear

M. Barrie
Gender Mismatches and Ellipsis in Cayuga
In: Journal of Cognitive Science. 17(3): 361-388. 2016.

M. Barrie
Another Note on Number
In: Studies in Generative Grammar. 26(1): 97-113. 2016.

M. Barrie, E. Mathieu
Noun Incorporation and Head Movement
in: Natural Language and Linguistic Theory. 34(1): 1-51. 2016.

M. Barrie
Two Types of Structural Noun Incorporation
In: Studia Linguistica. 69(3): 237-271. 2015.

M. Barrie, A. Li
The Semantics of (Pseudo) Incorporation and Case
In: Syntax and Semantics. 40: 159-188. 2015.

M. Barrie
Pseudo Scope Marking Constructions in Blackfoot
In: Studies in Generative Grammar. 24(4): 765-796. 2014.

M. Barrie
Unaccusativity and the VP node in Cayuga
In: Canadian Journal of Linguistics. 59(2): 235-242. 2014.

M. Barrie, I. Chung, and R. Deer
Clitics and the Left Periphery in Cayuga
In: Studies in Generative Grammar. 24(1): 1-26. 2014.