Michał Malinowski

Associate Professor in Controlled Source Seismology, Head of the Seismic Imaging Team
Department of the Lithospheric Research
Institute of Geophysics, Polish Academy of Sciences
E-mail: michalm@igf.edu.pl
Page: http://www.linkedin.com/in/michal-malinowski-89b9ab19

Fields of interest:
  • Full-waveform inversion
  • Deep crustal structure from reflection seismic
  • Seismic data processing and imaging
  • Seismic data modelling
  • Velocity model building
  • Hardrock seismic exploration
  • Seismic anisotropy
Recent publications:

Malinowski, M. (2016). Deep reflection seismic imaging in SE Poland using extended correlation method applied to PolandSPAN™ data. Tectonophysics (online early).

Cyz, M., Malinowski, M., Krzywiec, P., & Mulińska, M. (2016). Application of high-resolution 2D–3C seismic for characterization of the perspective Jurassic shale play in Central Poland. Tectonophysics (online early).

Mazur, S., Mikolajczak, M., Krzywiec, P., Malinowski, M., Buffenmyer, V., & Lewandowski, M. (2015). Is the Teisseyre‐Tornquist Zone an ancient plate boundary of Baltica?. Tectonics, 34(12), 2465-2477.

Adamczyk, A., Malinowski, M., & Górszczyk, A. (2015). Full-waveform inversion of conventional Vibroseis data recorded along a regional profile from southeast Poland. Geophysical Journal International, 203(1), 351-365.

Górszczyk, A., Malinowski, M., & Bellefleur, G. (2015). Enhancing 3D post‐stack seismic data acquired in hardrock environment using 2D curvelet transform. Geophysical Prospecting, 63(4), 903-918.

Górszczyk, A., Cyz, M., & Malinowski, M. (2015). Improving depth imaging of legacy seismic data using curvelet-based gather conditioning: A case study from Central Poland. Journal of Applied Geophysics, 117, 73-80.

Malinowski, M., Guterch, A., Narkiewicz, M., Petecki, Z., Janik, T., Środa, P., … & Gaczyński, E. (2015). Geophysical constraints on the crustal structure of the East European Platform margin and its foreland based on the POLCRUST-01 deep reflection seismic profile. Tectonophysics, 653, 109-126.

Narkiewicz, M., Maksym, A., Malinowski, M., Grad, M., Guterch, A., Petecki, Z., … & Czuba, W. (2015). Transcurrent nature of the Teisseyre–Tornquist Zone in Central Europe: results of the POLCRUST-01 deep reflection seismic profile. International Journal of Earth Sciences, 104(3), 775-796.

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