Mileva Samardzic-Petrovic

Research Fellow
Faculty of Mining and Geology
University of Belgrade

Fields of interest

Geoinformatics, Geodesy, Spatial modeling, Data mining

Recent publications



Peer Reviewed Journal Papers:

  1. Samardžić-Petrović M., Dragićević S., Kovačević M. and Bajat B., 2016. Modelling urban land use changes using Support Vector Machines. Transactions in GIS, 20 (5): 718–734
  1. Samardžić-Petrović M., Dragićević S., Bajat B. and Kovačević M., 2015. Exploring the Decision Tree method for modelling urban land use change. Geomatica, 69 (3): 161-172
  1. Bajat B., Krunić N., Samardzić-Petrović M. and Kilibarda M., 2013. Dasymetric modelling of population dynamics in urban areas. Geodetski Vestnik, 57 (4): 777-792

Book Chapters

  1. Samardžić-Petrović M. and Dragićvić S. 2015. Modeling the propagation of forest insect infestation using machine learning techniques. In: Gervasi О., Murgante B., Misra S., Gavrilova М., Alves А М., Torre С., Taniar D. and Apduhan B. (eds.) Computational Science and Its Applications — ICCSA 2015, Volume 9157 of the series Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Springer International Publishing: 646-657 (best awarded paper at the Tenth International Conference on “Geographical Analysis, Urban Modeling, Spatial Statistics” GEOG-AND-MOD 15, 22-25 June, Banff, Canada)
  1. Samardžić-Petrović M. and Kovačević M., 2014. Modeling of land use changes using Support Vector Machines techniques of Machine Learning. In: Petrić J., Vujošević M., Hadžić M. and Bajat B. (eds.) Renewal of strategic spatial thinking, research and management in Serbia – Book 2. Institute of Architecture and Urban & Spatial Planning of Serbia: 195-216 (in Serbian)