Mimi Huang

Senior lecturer
Northumbria University, United Kingdom
E-mail: mimi.huang@northumbria.ac.uk
Page: http://www.northumbria.ac.uk/about-us/our-staff/h/mimi-huang/

Fields of interest:

Discourse analysis, healthcare communication, medical humanities, narrative studies, cognitive semantics, stylistics.

Recent publications:

M. Huang. Narrative modulation in the storytelling of transitional experiences of women with breast cancer; In: M. Huang (eds.) The language of crisis, Amsterdam: John Benjamins. (in preparation).

M. Huang, and Y.J. Ye, Communicating and cooperating with healthcare clients in nursing practice; International Journal of nursing studies (submitted).
M. Huang, A Comparative Study of McDonald’s Wedding Narratives with the Model of Anchoring. Advances in Language and Literary Studies, 7 (6/ 2016). pp. 97-104.

Y.J Ye, and . Huang, A critical review of narrative-based medicine – its recent development and prospective outlook. Journal of Evidence-Based Medicine, 15(2/ 2015), 108-112.

M. Huang, Solving the riddle of metaphor: a salience-based model for metaphorical interpretation in a discourse context. In V. Evans and S. Pourcel (Eds.). New Directions in Cognitive Linguistics (pp.107-26). Amsterdam: John Benjamins 2009.