Min Song

Department of Library and Information Science
Yonsei University
E-mail: min.song@yonsei.ac.kr
Page: http://informatics.yonsei.ac.kr/tsmm/minsong.html

Fields of interest:

Text Mining, Biomedical Literature Mining, Entitymetrics, Informetrics

Recent publications:

Song, M., Heo, K.E., and Ding, Y. (2015) SemPathFinder: Semantic Path Analysis for Discovering Publicly Unknown Knowledge, Journal of Informetrics

Song, M., Kim, W.C., Lee, D.H., Heo, G.E., Kang, K.Y. (2015) PKDE4J: Entity and Relation Extraction for Public Knowledge Discovery, Journal of Biomedical Informatics

Song, M., Kim, H.E.J, Kim, H.J (2015) Exploring Author Name Disambiguation on PubMed-scale, Journal of Informetrics

Song, M. Jeong, Y.K., and Kim, H.J. (2015) Identifying the topology of the K-pop video community on YouTube: A  combined co-comment analysis approach, JASIST

Song, M. and Kim, S.Y., Zhang, G., and Ding, Y. (2014). Productivity and Influence in Bioinformatics: A Bibliometric Analysis using PubMed Central, JASIST

Song, M., Kim, M., and Jung, Y.K. (2014). Analyzing the Political Landscape of 2012 Korean Presidential Election in Twitter, IEEE Intelligent System

Song, M., Han, N.G., Kim, Y.H., Ying, D., and Chamber, T. (2014). Discovering Implicit Entity Relation with the Gene-Citation-Gene Network, PLOS One