Krzysztof Moszczyński

Managing Editor, Biology

Responsibilities at Versita:

Strategically plans and manages publishing programs in biology

Launches new journals and book programs in biology

Appoints and supervises editors of newly launched journals

Evaluates society journals considered for publication

Builds team of Assistant Editors


Recent publications:

Moszczynski K, Mackiewicz P, Bodyl A:
Evidence for Horizontal Gene Transfer from Bacteroidetes Bacteria to Dinoflagellate Minicircles
Mol. Biol. Evol. 29(3), (2012):887-892.

Bodył A, Moszczyński K:
Did the peridinin plastid evolve through tertiary endosymbiosis? A hypothesis.
Eur J Phycol., Vol. 41(4), (2006):435-448.