Musa Dauda Hassan

PhD Dissertator/Teaching Assistant
School of Information Studies
University of Wisconsin Milwaukee
Assistant Editor

Fields of interest

Information Retrieval

Recent publications

A. M.Kalgo, S. M. Samdi, J.N.ABenga , A. O. Fajinmi, M.H. Dauda (2005) “Effect of single Mixed trypanosome brucie and t. conglolence infections on cell volume and diamminzane treated Albino Rata” Book of Abstract of Nigerian Society of Paristology 21-24 Sept 2005.
M. H. Dauda (2006) Socio-economic Information on impact and awareness of Tsetse fly in some village part of Nasarawa state” NITR Research Project 2006.
M. H. Dauda (2006) Impact and Assessment of Trypanosomiasis cases in Laduga Grazing Reserve of Kachia Local Government Kaduna”NITR Research Project 2006.
M. samdi, A. M. Kago and M Dauda (2005) “ Constrain in Control of African Trypanosomiasis the Prevailing Factors in Nigeria” Book of Abstract of Nigerian Society of Paristology 21/Sept. 2005.
A. Abubakar , R.Abudulahi, H. Z. Jibril, M. H. Dauda and M. A. Poopola (2009) Maternity Ethnicity and Severity of Pre-Eclampsia in Northern Nigeria” Asian Journal of Medical Science 1(3) 104-107 (2009).
M. H. Dauda (2011) Automated approach for dissemination of Research Information, WARIMA Conference.