Pansy Duncan

Senior Lecturer
School of English and Media Studies
Massey University

Fields of interest:

The politics of affect and aesthetics; cinematic modernity; critical and cultural theory; materialist and eco-materialist approaches to media/culture; film theory/film philosophy.

Recent publications:

Duncan, P. “Exploded Views: Early Cinema and the Spectacular Logic of the Explosion.” Screen 59, no. 4 (2018) [Forthcoming].

Duncan, P. “Lights, Camera, Lumino-Politics: Lighting The Searchers, from Paraffin to LED.” Film-Philosophy [Forthcoming, 2018]

Duncan, P. “Once More, with Fredric Jameson.” Cultural Critique 97 (2017): 1-23.

Duncan, P.  “ ‘I Drink Liberal Tears’: Genre, Desire and the Leaky Liberal Body.” Feminist Media Studies 17, no. 3 (2017): 516-521.

Duncan, P. “The Uses of Hate.” Media Culture, 20, no. 1. Online.

Duncan, P. “Joke Work: Comic Labor and the Aesthetics of the Awkward.” Comedy Studies 8, no. 1 (2017): 1-21.

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